A prospective client told us recently; 

“Several years ago the department purchased various models and they were never used – even by the sales force.”

We can appreciate that. You only want to invest in tools that will have use and will deliver the experience desired for your associates and ultimately for their clients. You can say no to off-the-shelf models.

But not using existing models or existing models having limited application is not necessarily an indication that using models does not work. 

Our Medical Device contacts who have purchased off-the-shelf or stock, pre-made anatomy models have found that they do not give clinicians an experience that is congruent with their message & their brand, and the models do a subpar job at highlighting how they distinguish their specific medical device. 

More than 25% of our new clients have a model that they are currently using when they contact us. They know precisely what they like and importantly what they don’t like and what they wish it could do. This information through trial is so very valuable in designing a custom vehicle that can fulfill all of their requirements. 

If you are ready for an upgrade when demonstrating your device or providing surgeon training please send us images of the model that you are currently using and tell us how it could better meet your needs. It is a blast figuring out more effective ways to tell your story, exploring how you can give clinicians a custom hands-on experience, and discovering how you can provide a repeatable surgical scenario, anywhere in the world.