What started as a simple request for a stand to display a Medical Device at an upcoming exhibit quickly evolved into creating a demo model that provides a hands-on experience for surgeons. The Hemospray team at Cook Medical described the benefits of Hemospray to us during an initial conversation and Allison Rae (PulseMDM Founder & CCO) said; “Let’s give physicians a way to try it right there at your booth!”  A few tests and prototypes later, every surgeon can now get a memorable visual & tactile experience that is quickly and easily repeated with the replaceable “gastrointestinal” treatment targets. Once we understood the story Cook Medical wanted to tell and how they differentiate their product, it opened up a whole world of possibilities to help their device stand out among all of the exhibits. You can challenge us with your; “How can we demonstrate this device?” opportunity. It is a blast creating unforgettable experiences for surgeons.