When in-situ is out-of-sight, clear anatomy models give surgeons simultaneous visual & physical experience with your medical device.

If you are deploying your device into a valve, navigating a vessel, maneuvering through a stricture, advancing through a tract, or locating a specific spot inside an organ, the path and the anatomy target can be made in crystal clear or translucent, soft & squishy materials.

Surgeons will appreciate the right ‘feel’ when using your device while they can see their progress practicing the procedure.

Imagine the conversations about common and uncommon surgical scenarios all while clinicians get that important hands-on practice.

We love the chance to talk about your medical device, the procedure, the criteria for your anatomy target, how you differentiate your device, and the story you wish to tell.

Custom clear anatomy models will draw attention at conferences and exhibits and give your sales reps a great way to engage clinicians in a physical experience.

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