Procept BioRobotics®

Medical Device: AquaBeam Robotic System

Custom Model: BPH Procedure model

Creative Challenge:

Procept BioRobotic's professional education manager wanted an anatomical surgical training model to train urologists to perform their Aquablation therapy for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Procept BioRobotics requested a demo model that showed realistic ultrasound imaging of the prostate & rectum using a rectal probe.

They asked that surgeons actually have the ability to take measurements of the treatment area, perform prostate tissue removal using hydro-ablation, examine their results, and repeat the procedure infinitely.

The anatomy needed to be accurately represented and the softness of the simulated tissue respond to the procedure in the most lifelike manner possible to provide the urologist with an experience to rival and surpass an experience with a cadaver. Procept BioRobotics had planned an aggressive international training curriculum so convenience and portability were paramount.

Business Solution:

Critical is the proper positioning of the Trus ultrasound probe in relation to the ablation catheter. The rectum was designed to accept a rectal probe. The penis was designed to accept their urethral catheter. And the prostate is held in place mechanically with a simple lid/holder that ensures the prostate is presented in the correct position and makes prostate replacement a snap.

Pared down to the absolute smallest footprint the model provides the necessary surrounding anatomy but still fits into a compact case. Every model is equipped with a small box of replacement prostates, so each physician gets a fresh trial with the device. Also, each model is fitted with a custom foam insert which protects while in transit.

“Just so you know, we have moved to complete model simulation training at surgeon’s hospitals the day before first cases and it has decreased the learning curve and improved the first day of cases dramatically. To be honest, I hope we never use cadavers again.”  
— Senior Executive/Global Medical Product Education Programs
Operable Anatomy
Eliminate Cadavers