OBP Medical®

Medical Device: Single Use Lighted Surgical Retractor

Custom Model: Breast Reconstruction Model

Creative Challenge:

Most models - stock or custom - are not interactive or operable. The goal was to demonstrate how a new retractor illuminated deep within the body while giving physicians a memorable hands-on experience.

Business Solution:

Cleverly designed anatomy targets allow surgeons to do the procedure. A custom medical demonstration model was created with a look-a-like surgical incision, with the smallest footprint to make it portable, while still large enough for surgeons to “test-drive” the device.

In turn, this streamlined the demonstration process and provided a real-life scenario in a matter of moments. The retractor can be used on a number of anatomical targets. While working with OBP ONETRAC, we selected the anatomy that would be beautiful, durable, and show the benefits of the device in the best light.
Interactive & Operable
Increased Sales
Streamlined Demo Process