Why PulseMDM?

Our team has decades of experience in model making and product development. We are skilled at discovering clever, affordable, surprising and engaging ways to create a vehicle that will show the merits of your brand.

Where can I see samples of your work?

In addition to photos on our website we can visit your location with examples of models we have made for other organizations.

How do I start a possible project?

Call us for a conversation or visit. We will ask questions about product features, key differentiators and the story you want to tell. Our project questionnaire teases out the must-haves and nice-to-haves to creating a model to meet all of your criteria.

How much will it cost?

Each client’s development budget is an integral part of the design and production criteria. Sometimes the challenges faced in trying to meet financial requirements of a project will push us to find the most inventive, unusual, and delightfully unexpected solutions. Concept sketches and the conversations around them are at no charge to the client. Once we understand your criteria and all agree on an idea, we create a proposal.

Are your models representative of an average person?

There is no real way to define a single anatomical geometry to be representative of a population. For marketing and training models we can decide on an average or small-average (for portability & to keep the cost down) patient. For R&D and clinical teams we can work with you to define multiple versions of a model to assure the device works in all patients.

How do you replicate the anatomy?

We can digitally recreate the anatomy using actual MRI and CT data that you provide or from our digital human. We can also hand sculpt using photographs or client supplied references. For sales, marketing, and training purposes the client can choose for the anatomy to be representative: eliminating details, enlarging in size, making it clear, or having windows.

What are the benefits of models vs animal/cadaver labs?

Portability, convenience, and availability wherever and whenever you want them. Most labs require a preclinical team, veterinarian, or surgeon and also laboratory environment. Labs are not consistent from specimen to specimen, are not readily available in early concept work, and often require an internal review board to secure approval. Many organizations have strategic initiatives to reduce the number of animal labs. In addition models can be strategically designed for consumable replaceable parts giving each participant a fresh shot at the procedure. Models can be stored in a closet, checked as luggage, set up in any venue, and packed up in minutes. Culturally there are no limitations country to country as there sometimes are with labs. And guaranteed parts; one of our clients ordered a cadaver for a prostate procedure, flew in physicians, and ‘uh-oh’ the cadaver had no prostate!

Will other companies get to use or buy my model?

The model created for your company is only available to you and your associates. Pulse MDM does not sell stock or pre-made models. All designs, processes, & methods developed by Pulse MDM to meet client specifications are our intellectual property. All product, molds, and fixtures produced are your property after full payment has been received. In addition, we will only show your model or use your model as an example in our marketing with your express permission.

When should I call PulseMDM?

  • When stock models are not able to satisfy your criteria.
  • When surgeons, physicians, clinicians need to get hands-on practice.
  • When you want to increase your device sales by allowing your customers to experience the benefits of your device.
  • When you want to provide a sales experience to take on the road, easily and conveniently.
  • When you want more impact than printed literature and animations will provide.
  • When you want to give your salespeople a new reason to visit their accounts.
  • When you want to exponentially increase your sales coverage using a limited sales staff.
  • When you want a way to achieve targeted surgeon market coverage overnight.
  • When you want to draw attention to your booth, your brand, your device at an exhibit or congress.
  • When you want to have an anatomy model that acts as a fixture or provides context for procedures being performed on ex vivo organs & tissue.
  • When you want a more convenient way than animal labs or cadaver studies to test or demonstrate your devices.
  • When your company is strategically aiming to reduce labs.
  • When you want a toy industry veteran to create a magical experience.
  • When you want to give each member of your team a device affordably.