Custom Anatomy Training Models

Custom 3D Anatomical Training Models provide a realistic and remarkable hands-on experience. Whether it is a device deployment, treatment of a disease, or an anatomical repair; models are crafted to present the same challenges that a surgeon would encounter in a clinical scenario while allowing a procedure to be performed repeatedly. Models are elegant not industrial, have context to be easily recognizable, and unlike an animal or cadaver lab, are designed to be easy to use, carried, stored, and refreshed.

  • Insufflation for laparoscopic training
  • Consumable replaceable components for surgical practice
  • Positionable tracts to change tortuosity
  • Fixtures to put skin, muscle, mucosa under tension
  • Self-healing tissue
  • Anatomical structures made in crystal clear media
  • Squishy materials to match vessel, tissue or organ properties

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